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Little Tony

Help bring Little Tony back home, no questions asked; only a cash reward!

During the last week of March in 2016, Little Tony got out of my vehicle at a rest stop in South Carolina. The trees and the blue sky must have looked like a beautiful playground to him, but he couldn’t find his way back. I looked for him for days. I prayed for Little Tony, and much later, I went back to the same rest stop and spoke to a man who maintained it. He told me he’d seen Little Tony make friends with a lady who seemed to adore him and took him with her. I’m so happy to believe this story is true and that Little Tony is alive and happy out there somewhere, but I need my friend. No one who knows Tony will want to give him up, and I’d be happy to have him make visits, but I’m desperate to see the little guy again. Please help. If you know anything about Little Tony, get in touch. Your kindness and efforts will be rewarded!

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Tony was an office mascot and a beloved best friend. His loss is heartbreaking. Please help!

  • $100 for information leading to Little Tony’s whereabouts.
  • $250 for anyone who actually has Little Tony—no questions asked!

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Mark Briggs

Know something about Little Tony? Get in touch and get rewarded!

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